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Achieving professional and personal success in the field of banking has never been more challenging than it is right now. Every week, join Michael Delucchi, a career banker and trade association executive for short and meaningful discussions on a variety of industry and leadership topics designed to educate, connect, and inspire the audience. Hear from experts, fellow bankers, and innovative leaders on today's most compelling issues.

Apr 27, 2020

As an effect of the Corona virus pandemic, bankers are balancing a multitude of pressing and important issues.  Whether it’s customers requesting loan modifications, an onslaught of Payroll Protection Loan applications, liquidity concerns, employee morale, or the potential regulatory oversight of the future – bank executives find themselves managing an incredible amount of concerns that directly impact the communities they serve. 

In this episode of ElevateTALKS Bart Smith, Managing Director & Partner at Performance Trust joins host Michael Delucchi and will take an audible journey through the CAMELS bank rating system and discuss strategies and insights of each key factor that bank executives are and should be considering.

If you are a community bank executive, CFO, CCO, or bank director then this episode of ElevateTALKS is very timely, relevant, and for you.